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EmotionsTracker class

class EmotionDetection.EmotionsTracker

The Emotions Tracker class

EmotionsTracker(string model_file, int max_concurrency)

EmotionsTracker constructor: loads model file, sets up the processing.

  • model_file (string) – path for the used model

  • max_concurrency (int) – maximum allowed concurrency, 0 means automatic (using all cores), default: 0

TrackEmotions(ImageHeader img_hdr)

Track the emotions on a given image


image (ImageHeader) – image to analyze

Return type:



class EmotionDetection.ImageFormat
Grayscale = 0
RGB = 1
RGBA = 2
BGR = 3
BGRA = 4

ImageHeader class

class EmotionDetection.ImageHeader

The ImageHeader class

data: byte[]

Image data.

width: int

Width of image.

height: int

Heigth of image.

stride: int

Stride of image.

format: ImageFormat

Format of image.

Result classes

class EmotionDetection.ResultOrError

Contains the result or the error information for a tracking.

Results: EmotironResults

Contains the results of a tracking. In case of error it will be null.

Error: string

String representation of error. In case of no error it will be null.

class EmotionDetection.EmotionResults

Contains the results after a successful tracking

landmarks: LandmarkData
emotions: EmotionData[]
class EmotionDetection.LandmarkData

Contains information about a specific landmark

scale: double
roll: double
yaw: double
pitch: double
translate: Point2d
landmarks2d: Point2d[]
landmarks3d: Point3d[]
bool isGood
class EmotionDetection.EmotionData

Contains information about a specific emotion

probability: double
isActive: bool
isDetecionSuccessful: bool
emotionID: int
class EmotionDetection.Point2d
x: float
y: float
class EmotionDetection.Point3d
x: float
y: float
z: float